Monday, 19 November 2012


Or so went an urban myth in Dublin five years ago. The story ran at first that a diner had asked for a portion of chips at Kevin Thorton's double Michelin starred restaurant in Dublin only to be forcibly ejected by the celebrated chef.
Like many such myths there was some truth in it. Apparently when the chips were served the diner sent them back and a row ensued with the chef which resulted in the diner and his companions being asked to leave.
Kevin Thornton later explained that whilst chips were not on his menu, he often cooks them on special request for children, but on this occasion had been ''aggravated by this particular customer''. The customers were also called  ''wankers and a bunch of dickheads'' on their way out.

There is an old saying ''There's no such thing as bad publicity". In this case it's probably true.
The story spread like wildfire in Ireland and people retold it in various forms. In some versions Thornton was made to look like a food snob. However most people were sympathetic to him and saw him as an uncompromising perfectionist. He did what he did with style and had his business set up in such a way that asking him for a bowl of chips or a pizza was like asking for a Lobster Thermidor at the Tallaght Borza.

Not that there's anything wrong with the Tallaght Borza!
They've been serving fish and chips to the people of Tallaght for nearly fifty years and even had an RTE documentary made about their family some years ago. They do what they do and Thornton's do something totally different.

So what have Thornton and Borza got to do with Heffernan Tyres?
The answer to the question is simple. It's Quality.
Tyres can be bought from many sources at a wide range of prices. But for the most part, you get what you pay for. When customers ask us for the cheapest option in tyres, our staff will always point out that cheap is not necessarily cheaper in the medium to long term. Budget tyres are likely to wear out sooner than premium. Fact!
There is no substitute for the amount of R&D that goes into Premium tyres like Continental. Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone or Goodyear. Research and development on compounds, treads, braking distances and grip. Research that makes tyres that save you money on fuel and research that makes tyres that save lives. Budget tyres never get favourable results in independent safety checks where tested against premium. Fact!

At Heffernan Tyres we focus our buying on Premium brands. We buy in bulk to keep the price down for our customers and we have one of the largest stock holdings of Premium brand tyres in Ireland. We realise that sometimes our refusal to buy bulk in Budget tyres means that we may be a little dearer than the cheap tyre merchants. We know, because customers often return to us with tyres which did not last or on some occasions with non E marked tyres or remoulds which failed have NCT tests.

Like Kevin Thornton, we have found our niche in the marketplace. We realise what we are good at. We provide a quality, value product rather than a cheap compromise. We will never compromise on our service and our commitment to our customers and we design and tailor our complete offer to them. We look forward to welcoming you to our business.

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