Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Well we like to think so anyway! You can be the judge when you come and visit our town.
In truth, we are hugely proud of our fine shopping centre and to celebrate it we have designed a Pirelli Voucher giveaway for Christmas. We will give all our customers a €40 Kildare Village gift voucher for every four Pirelli tyres purchased and fitted from November22nd to December 24th.

The Kildare Village Chic Outlet Centre has been such a success for our town that on Sunday last a traffic warning was in operation for the N7 at Kildare. Don't let that put you off though as there is plenty of parking and overflow parks nearby.
There is no doubting that clever marketing and a great product is what has been the driving force behind the success of the centre. The atmosphere is always relaxed and the streets of the village are always spotless. It's a lovely place to shop.
The great news is that the centre is soon to be extended, resulting in more jobs for Kildare and hopefully even more success for the Village.

Anyone watching F1 racing these past few years will be in no doubt which tyre company is responsible for the racing car tyres. Pirelli have made F1 racing their own since becoming the exclusive tyre sponsor three years ago. As a brand they've marketed and promoted successfully over the years and have a enviable reputation for quality and style. Everything from their annual calendar to their signage and hospitality at F1 events exudes class and style. Heffernan Tyres are proud to be a Pirelli "Driver" accredited centre.

And so we have decided to run this stylish promotion between now and Christmas. It has multiple value added advantages to anyone needing to get their tyres changed for winter and visit the outlet centre at the same time.
Firstly, we can advise you how to avoid the traffic by taking an earlier exit and leaving your car with us. We will give you a lift to the back entrance of the centre and pick you up when your car is ready.
Secondly we will give you a €40 voucher to spend at the centre or €10 per tyre to a minimum of two.
Thirdly you will be buying a stylish, Premium brand of tyre at a great price that will give you excellent grip and wear this winter. Call us now on 045521253 or log on to our website.
We look forward to welcoming you in style this festive season.

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