Thursday, 1 November 2012



The 1997 Oscar winning film deals with the psychological condition  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. So what has that got to do with us? Are we OCD about tyres? No not really!
We can however be on the obsessive side when it comes to getting things right. I'll give you an example.


In a recent independent review of our website and social media package we scored 29/30 and topped the table of other retailers North and South of Ireland.
After a brief moment of  'Great stuff and well done' we quickly moved on and in truth have had more discussion about the one point we dropped than the twenty nine we gained.
Now don't get me wrong here. There are no killjoys in the business. There is nothing negative about our self analysis. It's just in the culture of the place.
Unlike many businesses we never obsess about what our opposition are doing. We pay very little attention to them at all. They do their thing and we do ours.

What we do obsess about is our customer. We are constantly asking ourselves what it is that our customer expects from us. What our customers like to see on a website, facebook page or newspaper ad.
We make changes to our offer based on the outcome of discussions we have on a daily basis and we believe  that we are on the right track. Our website and Social Media are tools we use to communicate the real strenghts of our business. Our business in a nutshell, is built on four solid pillars. These are our building, which is purpose built with the motorist in mind. Our facilities, waiting area, hospitality which are designed around maximum comfort for our customers. Our staff, who are the best in the industry and are happy in what they do. And our reputation for quality, honesty and value.

There will always be areas in which we can improve and the constantly changing nature of the marketplace means that we have to stay on our game. We need to keep up with consumer trends, buying behaviour, legislation and social responsibility.
We will always take any criticism seriously and act on it. We do so confident and secure in the knowledge that whilst our business is not perfect, we know, It's As Good As It Gets.

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