Thursday, 27 September 2012



At last, today we received a letter from the representative body, the Irish Tyre Industry Association(ITIA), which advised us of a new campaign to lobby Local Authorities and TDs about the double standards being applied where the sale of Part Worn tyres are concerned.
A standard letter has been drafted which includes all of the issues we raised in our previous posts on the subject including, Black economy, cowboys,VAT, jobs, environment, dumping, safety and tax.
Respectable businesses such as ours are often singled out by the same authorities to the point of near harassment. After all it's easier to ask standard questions in a business where your safety and comfort are guaranteed than it is in a filthy depot nearby where they're not as hospitable as we are. We exist and play on a totally uneven playing pitch and it threatens our jobs and income, every day.

A simultaneous campaign will begin in Northern Ireland where tyres are to be purchased from some of these outlets and sent for safety testing. We know what the results will be. DANGEROUS!
If you or anyone you know are considering going down the road of purchasing part worn tyres. Please think again. Your safety and our industry are in the balance.

At Heffernan Tyres we take our commitment to safety and environment seriously. We will not compromise on either whatever the opposition throw at us and will continue with our campaign until a positive result is achieved.

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