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Thomas was pretty much born into Heffernan Tyres in that the business was established before he was born. He worked part time in the business whilst in school and did the hard yards when we were a truck specialist in Sillott Hill. The design of our new state of the art premises on Dublin Rd was conceived by the vision of Thomas and his wife Linda and was years ahead of it's time when completed. We like to think it still is and we have the accolades to prove it. Outside of the tyre industry, Thomas is a trained Pilot. His hobbies include Skiing and Opera Singing. Although, for obvious reasons, not both at the same time.


Before having three sons, Fidelma was something of a Corporate High Flyer and it shows in her telephone technique. A consummate professional, Fidelma is probably the best telephone Sales Consultant in the tyre industry. Recorded examples of  her calls are used in training workshops by some of our major tyre suppliers. A vivacious personality, Fidelma , is a great asset to Heffernan Tyres and always gets the better side out of people. Good humoured, Fidlema, is always quick with a joke. It is usually the same one, mind.


Nigel Gill has been our floor Manager for ten years. He is responsible for a team of six Mechanics, fitters and breakdown men. Before joining us Nigel ran a depot with a retread factory so had many years in the tyre industry. A calm and relaxed manager, Nigel interacts well with our staff and customers. Probably as a result of this we have minimal staff turnover. Nigel is very interested in what he does and always has time to explain to customers and staff what work needs to be undertaken and why.
Honest to a fault, Nigel is a deeply spiritual man. If you have any theological questions for him you are advised to bring a packed lunch.


Sales Representitive, Social Media Person and general nuisance, Bill Domican has a long association with Heffernan Tyres. Firstly as our Michelin Area Manager in 2001 and later as our Business Development Executive. Bill is a Michelin Institute trained tyre Technician and has brought many  long term accounts to Heffernan Tyres. Unlike Nigel, Bill is not spiritual at all. He is vain. His hair is real.


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For all things Mechanical, Ger is your man. With over ten years experience in Irish Garages, Ger has worked on cars of all decriptions. He pretty much puts his hand to any task from clutches to timing belts and has been a huge asset to us since joining the team three years ago. Despite being from Offaly, Ger says he experiences very little predjudice from the locals. This speaks volumes for the tolerance of Kildare people in that it was a man from Tullamore who was pretty much responsible for most of our country's current problems.


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Some people are born with a gift with their hands. This has to be said of Robert Szmidkowski from Poland. A welder by trade, Robert has the ability to fix things which most of us throw out. Alloy repairs are a specialty but his best talent is in the repair and rebuilding of exhausts. Every year Robert save hundreds of our customers money with his repairs. He is not popular with our exhaust suppliers as a result. He invented recycling.


Anne is possibly the most constant person we know. She never appears to have a bad day, a bad mood or a bad anything. Or if she does we never see it. Like Fidelma, Anne is a customer service expert with a huge knowledge of our industry. Ann always talks quality and knows how to drive home the difference between premium and budget products. When  Ann is working the waiting area and office are always spotless. We would not describe her as OCD in this regard, we are however afraid of her where muddy shoes are concerned.


Mary McEvoy is our longest serving staff member and has been with Heffernan Tyres for twenty years. Mary knows and manages every area of our business from TEAM systems, Stock control, Payroll, Budgets, to credit control. Mary manages our 24/7 call out services and we have 100% success rate in this regard. We have never let a customer down on the roadside in Ireland or Europe. Mary is the only one other than the MD who has control over the breakdown drivers. They don't listen to anyone else.

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