Tuesday, 11 September 2012


''What goes around comes around''. Or so the saying goes! Maybe it's a simplistic generalisation of the ancient Karma law but like many generalisations contains more than a grain of truth.

Operating as we are in a small Irish town, Heffernan Tyres have long been aware of the importance of ''giving back'' to the community that supports us. It is in every bodies interests that our town retains it's community spirit and that we all pull together to achieve that end. Located as we are, less than thirty minutes from Dublin City, it would have been easy for Kildare Town to become little more than a commuter satellite town during the housing boom. Many other towns did and lost of a lot in the process. A town where the inhabitants are not present during work hours is a dying town. A combination of good fortune and good planning avoided this outcome for Kildare town and we emerged from the madness with a town with it's own economy and a ''central place'' for miles around.

Crucial to this outcome has been the effectiveness of the local Kildare Chamber of Commerce. Our Managing Director,Thomas Heffernan was Chairman of same for two years during a term which saw great strides forward for Kildare Town. Perhaps the Jewel in the crown was the completion of the Kildare Village Outlet centre. It has proved such a success that on some days overflow parking space is required and there are plans to extend at a time when retail in other centres is dying. The centre has proved a great magnet for our town, a great source of local employment and an achievement for which the whole community can share and be proud of.

Another great community achievement attributable to the efforts of the Chamber has been the annual hosting of winter concerts at St. Brigid's Cathedral. We have hosted Brian Kennedy, Eimear Quinn, Anuna, Colm Wilkinson and Rebecca Storm. The acoustics of the cathedral as well as the beautiful interior make it an atmospheric and distinctive venue. We look forward to  the 2012 concert.

Nurturing sporting talent is central to the health of the heart and soul of any community. Heffernan Tyres has long been an important sponsor of several of Kildare Town's sporting clubs. Our county has been the nursery of many fine International Rugby stars including former Lions Captain Ciaran Fitzgerald, Geordan Murphy and Johne Murphy. Unsurprisingly we take a keen interest in Rugby Union here at Heffernan Tyres and have been a proud sponsor of Cill Dara RFC. Our name is proudly emblazoned on the back of every Cill Dara Rugby shirt. The club caters for all ages and genders from underage to seniors and has a won many trophies since it's inception in 1976.

We are also sponsors of the local GAA club, Round Towers, and Soccer Club Kildare AFC. The choice of sports available to the residents of our town includes Karate, Boxing and of course all things Equestrian. Heffernan Tyres take a keen interest in all of these pursuits and will continue to do so. For us, it has not been one way traffic. Club members and their families are genuinely appreciative of  the support we give and we have won and  retained many customers as a result.

But mostly what we get out of our various involvements is a sense of community. Satisfaction in the knowledge that we help to make Kildare Town and county a place fit to live in for all our staff and customers.
Long may that continue and good luck to all our sporting heroes in the coming years.

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