Monday, 13 May 2013


As discussed previously on this Blog, we are somewhat spoilt for choice here in Kildare when it comes to shopping, leisure and amenities. Many of our attractions are of national or even world importance so it's hardly surprising that we get a lot of visitors and that the town prospers somewhat as a result.
One attraction which is fast becoming a magnet for Kildare is Kildare Farm Foods. Located just five minutes from the town centre, Kildare Farm Foods is a highly innovative business which offers more than just food shopping. Owner David Sexton has created a conceptual shopping experience for the food lover which makes shopping a sheer pleasure. The store itself has a pleasant buzz about it. Neat, well stacked shelves with the finest food produce are the order of the day. The wood panelled walls and rows of glass fronted refrigerators give it a bright, airy and clean ambience. It is almost always busy but not chaotic.

The finest farm produce including Beef, Poultry, Veg and Dairy products are all on display and the remarkable value for money is surely one of the main draw cards to the farm. However it is the added extras that set Kildare Farm Foods apart from main food retailers. A lovely cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating, serving world acclaimed Java Roast Coffee is a nice touch. But the piece de resistance is the Open Farm which is situated at the rear of the building. A safe walkway takes you through the large enclosures housing a mix of farm and exotic animals. Turkeys, Geese, Fowl, Alpacas, Minature Pigs and a recently added pair of Ostrich make great entertainment for visiting families. It's a great way to make a shopping trip a pleasant experience for the kids.
Like all great marketeers, David Sexton has the customer at the centre of his plans and there are lots of new plans in the pipeline for the farm.

Kildare town is not light on retail competition. For a small town we have quite a choice. Aldi, Lidi, Tesco and Eurospar all have sizeable outlets right in the middle of the town. This has not prevented Kildare Farm Foods from proving what we know here at Heffernan Tyres. If you are the best at what you do, people will come and buy from you. Again and again!

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