Thursday, 25 April 2013


That's the explanation I heard from a tyre salesman one day (in a retailer who shall remain nameless) when asked by a customer if a budget tyre on offer was worth spending money on. Well before I explain why the tyre salesman in question was not very good at his job, let me say that the question the customer asked is totally justifiable. They all look the same and the price gap between Premium tyres and Budget is often so great that it is worth finding out more.
So is it worth the extra investment to spend up on premium tyres?

In a one word answer, Yes! In a two word explanation, Research and Development.
The overwhelming differences between premium brand Tyres (such as the brands pictured above) and their lesser known budget brand counterparts is research and development. Two tyres may look similar at first glance. Black, round, grooves patterns around the outside, etc. But! There is considerably more to those grooves than the everyday consumer might think. Months, even years of testing may go into the tread design of a premium tyre. The angle and size of the sipes (lateral grooves) as well as the compounds used in the manufacturing process can have huge influences on the performance of the tyre where water clearance and grip are concerned. Premium  brand tyre companies invest hugely in R&D and will only patent and release a new tread pattern after the tyre has been rigorously tested in conditions that resemble the worst driving conditions the average motorist is likely to encounter. Budget tyre companies tend to copy the premium brands tread patterns, adjust them slightly to avoid patent litigation and release the tyre on the market without any significant testing. In countries like Ireland where it rains heavily so often the risks involved in using budget tyres is significant. This video produced by German manufacture Continental shows beyond doubt that there is a significant safety risk associated with the fitment of budget tyres.

At Heffernan Tyres, we have fifty years experience of providing all brands of tyres to the market. We know what works and what doesn't. We have mileage data on our database which provides us with performance information on many brands of tyre. We determine our range of tyres on a combination of measurements which guarantees our customers receive the best advice and value for money available. We understand that people need to be conscious of what they spend but our staff also have the expertise to explain the safety advantages of fitting quality tyres to your vehicle. You will never get the ''Black and Round'' answer at Heffernan Tyres. We're good at what we do.

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