Wednesday, 19 December 2012


With the successful conclusion  of Euro 2012 this year it seems right and fitting that Continental Tyre Group continues it's growing relationship with the beautiful game. They have successfully signed a contract as sponsor and official tyre for Brazil 2014. Not only has the partnership been a success for both parties to date but some of the associated ad campaigns have been awarded for their inventiveness also. The ''Don't miss the Big Game''campaign for South Africa 2010 was well recognised for it's contribution to the tournament and included a competition to find Britain's best football fan as well as a generous donation to the Black Rhino Conservation Fund. In general, Continental have proved an excellent ''fit'' as a football sponsor. No controversies or health contradictions. Just a strong corporate brand with a great product and a commitment to energy conservation.

This successful partnership for Brazil 2014 will cap off what has been a very successful year for the German manufacturer. From September Continental AG has been listed in the top Deutshe Borse segment again, having returned to the category of most valuable companies in Germany after four dynamic years of growth and capital investment. The company is now turning over in excess of €30 billion and employs over 170,000 people worldwide. These figures represent a massive turnaround for the company given the scepticism surrounding their takeover by AG Schaeffler at the start of the financial crisis in 2008.
Excellent product innovations in recent years backed by creative product releases and marketing strategies would suggest that Continental has many more good years ahead. Their R&D is the amongst the best in the industry and new technologies around energy saving such as ''Black Chilli'' technology have enhanced the company's environmental reputation.

On a local level, We at Heffernan Tyres have had an excellent year with Continental Tyre Group.
In May 2012 ,our MD, Thomas Heffernan attended the official launch of the new Conti Premium Contact 5 in Barcelona. The presentation at the launch has been dubbed ''the best tyre presentation ever'' by the automotive media.
Continental sponsored several Irish initiatives in 2012 including Irish Car of the year 2013 and Irish tyre retailer of the year. We expect further initiatives in the coming years. 
Our Continental team consisting of Lucy Edwards, Georgina Twohig and Darren Meikle have worked closely with us in 2012 and we look forward to growing our business with them in 2013.
In retail, being the best requires having the best merchandise available for your customers. And at the moment Continental tyres are ticking all the boxes that we require at Heffernan Tyres.

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