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The hilarious 2000 Romantic Comedy starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt deals with the subject of target marketing in a Chicago advertising firm. The chauvinistic Gibson (Nick) is given a collection of feminine products by his new boss, Hunt(Darcy) and instructed to design ''copy'' for the products by ''attempting to get into women's heads''. The scenes that follow are farcical, hilarious and make for a great film.
Although beneath the surface the film does deal with some very complex issues including sexism, office politics and the dynamics of male female work relationships where women are the bosses.

 A glance around our waiting room on any given day will confirm who are biggest customers are. Women by a mile! Now we didn't go to the same lenght as Nick to achieve this, however it is not an accident. Several of the conditions that we have in place have made us first choice for the female market in our immediate area and beyond. The three most important factors are Staff, Waiting area and our Premises. How so?

STAFF. Our front office staff are all women. They are a highly professional team and have learnt the technical side of tyre products,features, benefits, USPs, etc, through years of experience and training. They do all the selling with regard to tyres and do so in a consultative non pushy style.
Our Manager Nigel and floor staff of fitters and technicians are a team of gentlemen. There is never any atmosphere of patronising chauvinistic behaviour,swearing or any of the stereotypical behaviour that many people associate with Tyre shops. We make our customers feel relaxed.


WAITING AREA All of  the multi national tyre retail chains in Ireland employ near 100% men in their retail businesses. Their staff alternate between workshop floor and counter. The end result means one thing... dirt. Our waiting area is designed for absolute comfort and is always spotlessly clean. We have WiFi, Papers, Complimentary Fresh Coffee, TV, kids toys and wheelchair accessable restrooms. We aim to make a visit to Heffernan Tyres a comfortable experience.

OUR PREMISES Our building ,we believe , makes a statement about what we do. Our multiple bays allow easy access and maximum efficiency. We look like we are experts at what we do because we are experts at what we do. There is no doubt that it is our female customers who are most safety and quality focused. They are far less likely to indulge in the bravado or risk behaviour of their male counterparts. We don't have statistics yet but from what we know, women are far less likely to purchase part worn tyres.

Through our Social Media and advertising channels we will continue to grow our business with our female clientele  We are always looking at ways to improve our image and convenience to this target market and welcome suggestions at any time. We provide a shuttle service to nearby Kildare Village Outlet Centre, allowing our customers to carry out other business whilst their car is being serviced. This has been very popular.

There are some very good reasons as to why businesses everywhere should follow our example. I like this rationale from Robert Craven of Bright Marketing.

''This is not a feminist thing but a straight down the line business/commercial argument. The women’s market is not a niche, a speciality group or a minority – they have wallets, and for many businesses, women as decision-makers and consumers hold the key to future success.''

And the real figures,

''Research from NFWBO (National Federation of Woman Business Owners) shows that women are the primary decision makers for consumer goods in 85% of households, and women make 75% of decisions about buying new homes, make 81% of the decisions about groceries. They influence at least 80% of all household spending! According to Verdict Research women now spend 10% more than men, on average, on the Internet (£579 against £541 for men).''

But ultimately we hope that our business is what everybody wants. What we offer to our customers does not cost any more than our competitors. We have tailored our business to you the customer. Because we know that when you try our service you'll be back. And that's what we want.

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