Monday, 15 October 2012



In the tyre market there exists something of a glass ceiling where the word Premium is used. It would be fair to say that there are six household premium brands consisting of Continental, Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop and Pirelli. Six or seven other brands push the ceiling. They include Toyo, Hankook, Kumho,Yokohama, Firestone and Semperit. In some markets such as Australia, Hankook breaks the ceiling. Kumho is a champion performer in the world of Rally. So there are strong examples where the big six come under pressure and these other brands push the ceiling in. In Ireland one brand smashes the ceiling and sits well and truly comfortably in our big seven. That brand is Semperit.


Certainly one reason for Semperits' success in the Irish market is it's history. An Austrian Company originally, Semperit had a manufacturing hub in Ballyfermot Dublin. They were a popular employer and produced a quality product. As a result ; Irish consumers supported the brand. The factory and it's management became the 'go to' when issues of tyres or road safety arose in the media.
Despite having been taken over by Continental Tyre Group and closing it's base here, Semperit have retained that authority. Surveys into driver behaviour, safety statistics and general market information relative to tyres regularly come with the tag 'A new report by Semperit'.
Irish Car of The Year is supported and sponsored by Semperit. Where other tyre brands have associated with sports, dining, touring , etc; Semperit have made a complete success of concentrating on Marketing activities totally close to what they do. They 'make life easier for the motorist'.


Where other tyre companies have scoured the world looking for the finest hotels and restaurants; again Semperit have dared to be different. The Semperit Retailer of The Year is an Irish Initiative in it's third year. It is a continuous assessment of tyre retail businesses over a twelve month period. Businesses are audited on the quality of their business in terms of professionalism. presentation, website and customer service. There are mystery shoppers and mystery phone calls. It culminates in an award ceremony where the overall winner is announced. It is a serious driver of standards. It sets the bar for what is required in our industry in terms of our responsibilities for road safety. Quality retailers sell quality products. Where tyres are concerned, quality tyres save lives. Heffernan Tyres welcomes this great initiative by Semperit and CTG. We are a little biased in that we have won the title for the last two years. 
We see improvement in other tyre businesses in Ireland and we continually strive to do things better. There is no doubt that this competition drives competitive spirit and so Semperit are continually 'Driving' standards. Upwards!

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