Friday, 24 August 2012


Over the past week we have been bombarded with bad news about fuel price hikes. It seems that with currency pressures, political issues and taxes there is constant upward price movement. The motorist must look at every possible way to cut consumption and save money.
According to Continental Tyres' Product Development Manager, Markhus Fischer, tyres are responsible for 20% of a cars fuel consumption. Of that 20%, 16% is due to the rolling resistance and 4% is due to aerodynamics.

 Markhus Fischer.

It is therefore possible to design solutions to reduce the effects of both of these factors and reduce fuel consumption. The challenge for tyre designers is to achieve this without compromising on safety features such as tread grip or traction.
Compounds can be changed in the make up of a tyre. For instance substituting Carbon Black with Silica which has been proven to reduce rolling resistance.
Continental have developed a new compound  they call ''Black Chilli''. This has been included into their new EcoContact 5 tyre. It was developed using the latest advancements in nanotechnology or chemical engineering.

Further tweaking of raised lettering on the sidewall has resulted in reducing the drag profile of the tyre thus improving the aerodynamics of same. The result of this combination of innovations is a tyre that saves you fuel. Possibly as high as 5%. Combine this with correct pressure maintenance and your tyre management can make a significant difference to your household or business expenditure. We look forward to further innovations in this area from Continental.

Here at Heffernan tyres, we are proud to stock a full range of energy efficient Continental Tyres. We can provide you with a free consultation at any time. Continental have also been very proactive in the new area of EU Labelling and have provided training and guidance for our staff. We would be only to happy to explain how it works.

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