Thursday, 16 August 2012


In our last post ''Part Safe Tyres From €20'' we suggested that it was only a matter of time until we might read of fatalities or serious injuries directly associated with the fitting of Part Worn tyres.

It is with great sadness that we read on TyreSafe's website this week,
''A motorist paralysed in a horrific car accident when driving on part worn tyres is hoping his story will urge drivers to think twice about which tyres they choose.
Keith Johnson, 41 from Tyne and Wear suffered terrible life-changing injuries in the smash earlier this year and is now permanently paralysed from the top of his chest down, only able to move his arms and neck.
Apart form the physical injuries he has also experienced emotional scars often enduring nightmarish flashbacks to the fateful day on the 8th February when he was driving his Renault Megane Scenic near Carlisle''

It remains the responsibility of all of us in the tyre industry in Ireland to continue the campaign to have the sale of these dangerous tyres outlawed.
In a  RTE Prime Time Investigates programme last year, it was highlighted that safety standards in Dublin's Taxi industry were seriously compromised by greedy operators cutting corners to save money.
The fitting of these potentially deadly tyres is one way some taxi drivers are choosing to cut costs.
Tourists and residents alike are having their safety compromised and are paying for the privilege,
The only way authorities will be prompted to action is by public demand. The only way public demand will insist on same is through education.
Heffernan Tyres will continue to spread the word through our Social Media about the risks involved in fitting part worn tyres. If anyone in Ireland has any experience of accidents caused by tyres, please fell free to contact us and we will publish your story.
In the meantime, if you are unsure of the safety or condition of the tyres on your vehicle; come on in and visit us. We will inspect your vehicle at no cost and no obligation.
We are committed to improving road safety in Ireland for everyone.

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