Tuesday, 24 July 2012


We hate losing customers for any reason, including price. So we check our competitors regularly and if there are any major discrepancies it can alert us to ''specials'' that we may not have been aware of. Continental Tyre group also research our region and give us regular feedback. All that feedback indicates that we are competitive on all quality and Premium brands. We recommend Premium tyres as a rule. Experience has shown us that they outlast their cheaper counterparts by a factor greater than the price variance.
So when one of our past customers presented to us this week with a problem; her story was interesting. Her husband had been sold cheaper tyres by an opposition depot two months ago. He had asked us for a quote at the time and we were €20 dearer and so we had missed out. Two months later the bargain tyres were worn out and cracking on the sidewall and we were asked to inspect. The tyres were of poor quality and the compound on the tread and sidewall was of a soft nature. the tyres were literally falling apart. On closer inspection the tyres were stamped RETREAD in small letters. The customer had not been told this at point of purchase and so will be going back there for a refund. Hopefully a lesson was learnt and we regained a valuable customer.
Retreads or Remoulds have made something of a comeback since the advent of recession. As has the sale of ''Part worn'' tyres. We will discuss part worns in a later post but suffice to say some of Ireland's Motoring standards have reached sub Saharan standards.
Retreads are common enough on trucks but only on trailers and rear drive axles. The manufacturers do not recommend use on steer axles. They don't really say why but we can assume that it is because they are more likely to fail than a new tyre. Because control of steering is so important on a truck ,blow out possibilities have to be minimised. So why would you put remoulds on a family car?  I've yet to meet a retailer who sells remoulds using remoulds.

There is only millimetres of rubber separating your car from the road. It is important that the quality of that gap be maximised if your family's safety is to prioritised. Most consumers will know brands such as Continental, Michelin, Dunlop, Perelli,Goodyear, Bridgestone, Semperit, Hankook, Kumho, Yokohama and Toyo. Most are household names for a reason. They have all endured the test of time in the marketplace. They all originate from countries with a vehicle manufacturing industry and come as original equipment on new cars. We stock all these brands. For cheap or no name tyres ; the opposite is the case. We try not to stock and we never recommend.
So shop around by all means but compare apples with apples. Listen for the brands you are familiar with. That way you will not be sold something you do not want. You will definitely be safer as will other road users. And you will save money in the lifetime of the tyre. Cheap tyres and remoulds = False economy.
Drive safe and buy from people you can trust. We're good at what we do.

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