Thursday, 28 June 2012


Anyone even half interested in F1 racing couldn't help but notice the introduction of colour code system into the competition over the last two years. The idea has been to keep the audience/spectators informed at a glance of what compound tyre each driver is racing on. The code is as follows,

Red – Super-soft
Yellow – Soft
Silver – Hard
Green – Intermediate
Blue – Wet

Last year the differences in lap speed between compounds was up to 1.5 seconds so judgement on the part of teams and drivers as to what tyre to use has become a crucial part of overall race strategy.
So far this F1 season has been the most competitive and exciting in years and Perelli have very much added to this with this new system. Anyone watching last weeks race at Valencia would be in no doubt as to the role, tyres played in the overall result.

 For Perelli the introduction of the new colour system has been a huge success. It keeps the audience engaged and informed while at the same time exposing millions of people to their brand. It is a master class in brand marketing and has also been great for the sport. So hopefully everyone wins.

At Heffernan Tyres we have long been a supporter and partner with Pirelli. We have been a Pirelli ''Driver'' accredited depot for many years and we welcome their audit of our business quality and standards annually. We can testify to the genuine quality of their Passenger car range with P7, P6000, Scorpion and and course P ZERO Rossa all proving themselves over the years. Perelli produce an excellent product. We are delighted to recommend Perelli tro our customers and always carry a full range of sizes and patterns.
We look forward to Silverstone next week and another exciting race. How important will tyres be in the changing weather conditions of the British circuit?

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